Oct 2, 2017
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Posted by: David Howse
Great news we are back at Well-i-hole farm on July 1st 2018.

It is going to be a great show - we are planning to have:-

Circus, Clara's SearchFalconry,

Donkey RidesStone Carving,

Coconut Shy, 

Childrens Trampolines and Inflatables,

Duck Race, Dog Show

Woodland Activities, Childrens fairground,
Climbing Tower, Mahdlo Outdoors and much more.

May 1, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: David Howse
Rotary International

The Saddleworth Summer Show is organised by two local clubs of Rotary International - the largest service club in the world. 

Surplus Funds from the show will go to Charities and Community Projects supported by Rotary.

Rotarians give their services free, so there are no administrative costs taken from the money raised.


Duck Race

Duck Race at the Saddleworth Show 2016

 Duck Race

The Saddleworth Show 2016 will again be featuring ducks – not herding them as in some previous years but racing them on the River Tame which flows near the Show site.  The annual Duck Race has become an important part of the show’s preparations with schools and Youth groups involved and a stall advertising the show and selling the ducks having a presence in Uppermill on the four Saturdays and Sundays before the show itself. 

If things go well then the organisers are hoping for upwards of 2000 ducks to take part. Since this would rather crowd the river (and think of all the duck poo that would mean) the ducks will be plastic rather than feathered!